1. Bones and Teeth: Great source of calcium & phosphorous which work together to improve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis.


2. Nervous System: High in Vitamin B which aid in the formation of nerve cells and healthy fats for proper conductive signalling.


3. Eye Support: Contains Vitamin A in the form of carotene needed for proper colour vision and prevention of night blindness.


4. Glowing Skin: Antioxidants and essential fatty acids for blemish-free, softer, tighter, younger looking skin.


5. Anti-Inflammatory: Provide alkalinity due to high vitamin & mineral content, helping to reduce inflammation and irritation in joints, and nourish healing wounds, cuts, bruises and scrapes (as well as prevent disease).


6. Digestion & Metabolism: Incredibly high in fiber for optimal digestive health. Aids in weight loss via improvement of metabolic rate.


7. Cardiovascular: Prevent cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol & reduce high blood pressure.


8. Anti-Aging: Antioxidants work against free radicals and make your skin tighter & younger looking.


9. Immunity: High vitamin & mineral content to improve immunity and prevent disease & illness.


10. Cancer Prevention: Loaded with phyto-albumins, an antioxidant that prevents cancer-causing free radicals and blocks tumor cell growth.




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