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“Vietnam’s Premier Sustainable Dragon Fruit Farm”

Kim Hai Dragon Fruit Farm is an "All In One" 80 hectare plantation with 30 hectare of Global GAP (GGN 4052852217637) certified Red & White dragon fruits, 50 hectare of reserve, lakes, mountains, in-house natural fertilizer production and juice manufacturing facilities on site. It is located in Ham Thuan Nam Commune, Binh Thuan Province about 3 hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City. The farm specializes in growing delicious dragon fruit (red and white). Our farm Geographical Indication number is C0068-BTGI (assigned by Binh Thuan’s Department of Science and Technology).

Kim Hai Dragon Fruit Farm continues the tradition of agriculture in Binh Thuan. Its goal is to encourage people to live prosperously and in harmony with the land. We believe that combining Binh Thuan’s two biggest industries, Agriculture and Tourism, with a focus on eco-tourism and sustainable agriculture, will nurture and inspire a new generation of farmers. And that this new generation of farmers will achieve economic prosperity in a responsible and sustainable way.

Currently, Kim Hai produces around 1000 tons of dragon fruit per year. We have a state of the art factory and packing house onsite producing top quality pure dragon fruit juice, solar dried dragon fruit slices and chewy dragon fruit snacks. Our dragon fruits have been exported to many countries around the globe such as New Zealand, USA and Europe. We proud to be the pioneer in Vietnam in producing premium dragon fruit juice and other dragon fruit related products in full commercial scale.

“Sustainable dragon fruit as its best”

Kim Hai Farm first established in 2007, since then we expanded our farm area from 30 to 80 hectares. In late 2007, we were one the first 3 dragon fruit growers in Vietnam that are certified with Global G.A.P standard. Every 12 months, we have our farm inspects and certifies for Global GAP by either Control Union or IMO organizations. By strictly following Global G.A.P, it enables us to produce healthful fruit and food without compromising future generations' ability to do the same.

Our dragon fruits are grown the natural way, we produce our own in-house organic fertilizer and using traditional remedies to fight against diseases. We say NO to biostimulants other harmful chemicals. This is why our dragon fruit taste so delicious!

The juice industry is occupied by some of the biggest companies in the world, and the only way to remain in the industry is to not step on their toes. With this in mind the only avenue is obviously to offer top quality juice with zero sugar, no preservative and artificial color just 100% pure dragon fruit juice.  Made with the utmost care, our products capture what means the most to you: healthy eating, quality food and responsible farming. We work harder to produce premium products, every time, because we care.

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